Coates International, Ltd Stockholders Update – including hydrogen powered power generators




Coates International, Ltd Stockholders Update – including hydrogen powered power generators.


The company is pleased to announce that it has completed its R&D design and manufacturing the following products:


  • The patented CSRV green industrial electric power generators that operate on hydrogen (H2) and diesel or hydrogen and natural gas. Orders have been received for these products
  • The patented multi-fuel sequential management system for hydrogen, natural gas, propane, and all other engine fuels
  • The Coates Hydrogen (H2) Reactor and all its green technologies is in the patent process. This reactor system produces gaseous hydrogen (H2) from ordinary water or sea water and uses only 1% of the energy produced by the electric power generator.
  • The Coates Magnetized Charcoal Ambient Air Cleaning System that attaches to the radiators in vehicles is in the patenting process
  • The Coates Internal Turbine Windvane is in the patenting process
  • And our industrial diesel and gaseous hydrogen (H2) electric power generator-sets


Our company was in R&D for many years and invested over $40 million dollars in research and development in the design of these new green technology products. The company is now planning production operations.


George J. Coates, EE ME, Coates International, Ltd. President and CEO, commented:


Company management and I are very pleased with the company’s progress and success with all our green products. People always comment on public articles.


Coates International, Ltd. is contemplating a private offering. For more information, please contact the company directly.



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