Slovak chemical company to produce green hydrogen




Slovak chemical company to produce green hydrogen.


Slovak chemical company Duslo Šaľa wants to use €58 million from the Modernisation Fund as it looks to meet European Union directives on use of renewable hydrogen to decarbonise emission-heavy production of nitrogen fertilisers, according to the Euractiv website.


The Slovak firm uses natural gas in its production of the fertilisers, but under EU regulations, green hydrogen should be used instead, with production changed accordingly.


While the use of hydrogen to produce fertilisers is currently only being tested in pilot projects, chemical industry companies are investing in their own hydrogen sources to use in the future.


Duslo Šaľa plans to build photovoltaic and wind power plants, battery storage facilities and an electrolyser for hydrogen production.


Company CEO Petr Bláha said the planned photovoltaic plant should be the second largest in Slovakia. The electricity produced from both it and the wind plant will be used by the company solely to produce hydrogen.


Construction of the plants is planned for 2030 at the latest, with costs projected at more than €120 million, according to Bláha.



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