Raven SR appoints Stuart McFarland to Board of Directors




Raven SR appoints Stuart McFarland to Board of Directors.


Raven SR Inc. (Raven), a renewable fuels company, announced today the appointment of Stuart A. McFarland to its Board of Directors, effective January 2024.


McFarland’s appointment marks a significant addition to Raven SR’s Board and leadership team. His deep financial expertise and management and strategic vision have been shaped by a career that includes his role as a Director of the Brookfield and OakTree Funds and executive roles at large financial institutions, including EVP and General Manager of GE Capital Mortgage Services, EVP Operations and CFO of Fannie Mae, leadership roles at several other closed and open end mutual funds, and as a director at several Fortress Investment managed companies.


The Raven SR technology is a non-combustion thermal, chemical reductive process that converts organic waste and landfill gas to hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels. Unlike other hydrogen production technologies, its Steam/CO2 Reformation does not require fresh water as a feedstock and uses less than half the energy of electrolysis. The process is more efficient than conventional hydrogen production and can deliver fuel with low to negative carbon intensity. 


Stuart A. McFarland, said:


The world needs Raven SR’s technology to reduce waste and emissions, and we need it now.


“Its novel approach efficiently transforms waste materials and associate pollutants, including methane, into emissions-free fuels. As we enter 2024, the need for localized and renewable energy production is extremely important, and we have it right at our doorstep. I’m pleased to be joining Raven at this pivotal time for both the company and the global energy transition.”


Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR, said:


We are pleased to welcome Stuart to Raven SR’s Board,


“His exceptional insights and management experience, combined with proven financial acumen gained from his leadership roles at leading companies will be invaluable assets as we continue our journey to revolutionize renewable energy solutions.”


McFarland’s appointment further strengthens Raven’s position as a leading force in waste-to-energy conversion as he joins a robust board with expertise from an array of sectors. His seat on the Raven SR board complements representatives from Chevron, Itochu Corporation, Ascent Funds, and Intellergy.  McFarland exemplifies Raven SR’s dedication to leveraging diverse expertise for sustainable energy innovation.



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