Utility Completes Testing of Revolutionary Zero-Electricity Hydrogen Reactor


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Utility announced at its 3rd annual technology day event, the successful completion of their pilot plant testing program for the H2Gen™ reactor product line. Utility is the only decarbonization technology company pioneering the eXEROTM technology platform optimized for hard to abate industry sectors.


The detailed testing took place over the past year and achieved a number of outstanding results. The pilot demonstrated a baseline production of more than 99.9% hydrogen purity without the need for any purification systems, while production rates exceeded what had been projected from detailed analytical assessments. It has also shown itself to be robust over extended runs with multiple shut-down and restarts. This successfully completes a major milestone in the journey to full commercialization.


Located at the company’s Houston Energy Corridor production facility, the pilot is a full scope industrial plant providing a strong and relevant reference for the design of larger, scalable facilities. The pilot successes are based on extensive 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operations; several of which were continued for more than 1,000 hours. The plant operated autonomously and with little operator input required. The results were significant and validated the system’s robustness in real-world operational scenarios.


Renowned industry expert, special advisor to Utility, and prior VP, Advanced Technology at GE with a 40-year track record in technology commercialization, Michael Idelchik was in attendance at the technology day. He reviewed key pilot results and joined the Utility team in celebrating this momentous occasion.


Michael Idelchik, special advisor to Utility, said:


Even in this fast-moving world, it’s not often you get to witness industry changing events as they happen.


“The potential that the H2GenTM reactor has for decarbonizing industry, especially sectors that are the most difficult to decarbonize, is simply decades ahead of other industry solutions.”


Claus Nussgruber, chief executive officer of Utility, said:


These tests showcase the viability, both from a technical and real-world operations perspective, of our H2GenTM hydrogen reactor.


“These reactors are unlike anything the industry has seen before and the decarbonization potential is game changing.”


Source:Hydrogen Central


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