Hear The NAMX HUV’s Roaring Hydrogen V8 For The First Time




The Pininfarina-designed coupe crossover is powered by a 6.2-liter, aluminum V8 that is fueled with hydrogen.

When the Franco-Moroccan new energy automotive startup, NAMX, first unveiled its first concept back in 2022, the Pininfarina-designed HUV, it stated that the vehicle had drawn inspiration from American muscle cars. However, at that time, no specific details had been released regarding the propulsion system, except for power figures. Now that it has been revealed that the HUV will be powered by a hydrogen-fueled V8, it is clear to see and why.

The company also released a video to allow the world to hear what the new 6.2-liter hydrogen combustion, made of aluminum, will sound like.

The startup refers to it as a ‘revolution in sustainable mobility,’ but the engine carries a throaty and bassy audio signature, as you would expect from a V8. While details about the powertrain are still limited, the company’s founder, Faouzi Annajah, explains that they opted for a hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE) for three specific reasons.

Firstly, it avoids the use of batteries, which are heavy and require rare earth minerals that can be environmentally taxing to acquire. Second, he says that Europe has more than a century of experience developing internal combustion engines, and that this is just the next step in that long tradition. And finally, he says that the HICE powertrain will preserve the “passion for automotive driving.”

Another advantage will be the speed of refilling. NAMX says it has developed hydrogen pods that can be removed from the rear of the vehicle and replaced in seconds. Accessible right from the rear of the vehicle, it’s a nifty solution, though I can’t help but wonder how it will perform in rear-end crashes.

NAMX plans to offer two versions of the coupe-crossover. In the entry-level model, 296 hp (224 kW/300 PS) will be sent to the rear wheels, enabling it to accelerate to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 6.5 seconds. The GTH version will deliver 542 hp (410 kW/550 PS) to all four wheels, allowing it to reach highway speeds in just 4.5 seconds

Priced from $71,200 in Europe

The NAMX HUV is anticipated to launch in the market by the end of 2025, with a starting price of €65,000 (approximately $71,200 at current exchange rates) for the base model and €95,000 (about $104,000 USD) for the GTH model.



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