NTPC demonstrates zero emission Hydrogen Cooking




NTPC demonstrates zero emission Hydrogen Cooking.


NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance (NETRA), the R&D wing of India’s largest integrated power utility, demonstrated successful hydrogen cooking with supply of hydrogen from the existing Green Hydrogen plant at its campus at Greater Noida.

Burning characteristics of hydrogen is much different from LPG or PNG wrt flame color (almost invisible), flame temperature (1200-1500C), flame propagation speed etc. Also, unlike LPG or PNG, hydrogen cannot be premixed with air prior to its ignition – else it would form explosive mixture. 

Considering above, hydrogen burner was designed and used in a modified cookstove to prepare food. It may also be mentioned that the emission from hydrogen burner is only water vapour with zero carboneous element.

Shri Arne Ballantine, CEO (Ohmium), Shri Shaswattam, ED (NETRA) and senior officials present to mark the occasion iterated versatility of green hydrogen as a clean energy source to support environmental and sustainability efforts across a diverse array of applications.
NTPC has successfully commissioned blending project that incorporate green hydrogen with PNG (Piped Natural Gas) at Kawas, green hydrogen mobility project in Leh is set to be commissioned besides another project for setting up green hydrogen-based microgrids in remote locations for Indian Army is in progress.



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