Topsoe CEO, Roeland Baan, becomes Board Member of the influential Hydrogen Council




Topsoe CEO, Roeland Baan, becomes Board Member of the influential Hydrogen Council.


The global trade organization for hydrogen, Hydrogen Council, has announced Roeland Baan, CEO of Topsoe, as its newest Board Member, reinforcing the CEO-led organization’s influential leadership.


Topsoe, a global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies, is now represented at highest level at Hydrogen Council with Roeland Baan becoming member of the Board.


The Hydrogen Council constitutes the entire value chain within hydrogen and includes companies and industries from around the world, that all have a shared interest in promoting the deployment of hydrogen for a variety of uses. At Topsoe, we are focused on accelerating the development and deployment of green hydrogen solutions in the energy-intensive industries and long-distance transportation to speed up the energy transition.


Roeland Baan, CEO of Topsoe, said:


I am honored that I have been elected to the Board of Hydrogen Council as the representative of Topsoe.


“Hydrogen Council plays a pivotal role in the energy transition, and I am proud to contribute to an organization that is at the forefront of promoting green hydrogen and its derivatives at a global level. Our collective efforts are crucial in accelerating the decarbonization of energy-intensive industries and long-distance transportation. I look forward to contributing to this transformative journey, as we work together to shape a sustainable future for our planet.”


The Hydrogen Council Board is represented at the highest level by global CEO’s all committed to providing the necessary leadership to demonstrate a powerful vision and decisive action for a better energy future powered by hydrogen.


In total, 140 companies are members of Hydrogen Council, representing global industrial leaders in hydrogen across the entire hydrogen value chain from the Americas, Europe and Africa to the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. The Council members stand united in their commitment to unlocking the potential of hydrogen to accelerate the transition to net zero.


Topsoe has been member of Hydrogen Council since January 2022, when it became the first Danish company to join the organization.



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