Matteco Joins Hydrogen Europe to Catalyze Green Hydrogen Innovation




Matteco Joins Hydrogen Europe to Catalyze Green Hydrogen Innovation.


In the pursuit of a carbon-neutral economy, Spanish materials technology firm Matteco has joined hands with industry organization Hydrogen Europe. This union aligns Matteco’s commitment to sustainable innovation and decarbonization efforts with Hydrogen Europe’s mission.


Matteco’s Contribution to Hydrogen Technology


Matteco’s specialty lies in the development of advanced catalysts and electrodes for electrolysis, thereby focusing on making green hydrogen more cost-effective. The aim is to significantly contribute to the decarbonization process. By partnering with Hydrogen Europe, the Valencia-based company is expected to enhance its network, gain access to the latest research, and amplify its impact on the progress of hydrogen technology across Europe.


Future Endeavors


Founded in August 2023 by Zubi Labs and a group of scientists, Matteco plans to further its mission by opening a GW-scale factory in the second quarter of 2024. This step will undoubtedly solidify its position in the realm of sustainable technology and energy production.


Hydrogen Europe’s Commitment to Research


Hydrogen Europe, representing European entities dedicated to transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy, continues to foster innovation and research. In 2023, it signed a memorandum of understanding with Hydrogen Europe Research and EURAMET to promote cooperation in hydrogen research and metrology. Hydrogen Europe’s CEO, Jorgo Chatimarkakis, lauded this move, citing it as an excellent demonstration of EU research and innovation synergies.


The partnership between Matteco and Hydrogen Europe is a testament to the shared ambition of creating a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. It’s a significant step forward in the evolution of green energy, promising a brighter, more sustainable future for all.



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