SHFCA, Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association MoU With Hydrogen Ireland




SHFCA, Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association MoU With Hydrogen Ireland.


SHFCA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hydrogen Ireland to foster collaboration and support our mutual growth of hydrogen activities across Scotland and Ireland. On the back of successful discussions at the recent Hydrogen Ireland annual conference in Belfast, James Carton, Chair of Hydrogen Ireland and Nigel Holmes, Chief Executive of the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) signed the Memorandum of Understanding:


Gillian Martin, Scottish Government Energy Minister, said:


Scotland and Ireland have the potential to become world leaders in hydrogen production and the Scottish Government is committed to deepening collaboration with our European partners to unlock this potential and help deliver well-paid new jobs and a greener, more sustainable energy system across Europe.


“This strategic partnership between the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association and Hydrogen Ireland will help propel hydrogen development in both countries. It is a relationship that will support skills development, foster business growth and drive crucial research and development activities to accelerate the technology’s roll-out in this crucial decade for our energy transition.”


James Carton, Hydrogen Ireland Chairperson, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating:


This MOU marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering collaboration and driving positive change within the energy economy.


“By joining forces with the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association we are confident that we can achieve greater impact and create lasting value for our members and society.”


Nigel Holmes, Chief Executive of SHFCA added:


We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership brings. Working together with Hydrogen Ireland, we can pool our resources and expertise to address industry challenges and promote innovation.


“This joint approach can also help identify and establish projects of mutual interest to create a more resilient and thriving hydrogen economy and community across all of Ireland and Scotland.”


This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between SHFCA and Hydrogen Ireland will strengthen collaboration and cooperation between the two organizations, regions and to accelerate green hydrogen as the key catalyst on the transition to net zero. This strategic partnership aims to leverage the unique strengths and expertise of both associations to achieve common goals and promote mutual growth. Key objectives of the MOU include:


  • Collaborative Projects: The MOU outlines a framework for joint initiatives and collaborative projects that will enhance the impact and reach of both organizations in delivering a clean energy economy.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Both organizations commit to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and exchange, promoting the development and dissemination of best practices in the emerging clean hydrogen economy.
  • Capacity Building: The MOU emphasizes mutual support in capacity building activities, including training programs, workshops, and conferences that will benefit members of both associations.
  • Advocacy and Representation: Hydrogen Ireland and SHFCA will work together to advocate for shared interests and concerns, representing the collective voice of their members in relevant national and international forums.
  • Resource Sharing: The agreement encourages the sharing of resources, expertise, and research to address shared challenges and opportunities.


Hydrogen Ireland is committed to promoting the use of Hydrogen as a fuel and energy vector and related technologies in the energy mobility, heat, domestic and industrial systems on the island of Ireland.  Hydrogen Ireland works with academics, industry and the community to develop hydrogen pathways to foster a hydrogen economy, whereby everyone can prosper from. Hydrogen Ireland aims to promote the role of hydrogen and fuel cells and enable them to become key components of Ireland’s future low carbon economy and accelerate the widespread adoption of renewable energy and low carbon technologies.  For further information, please click here.


The Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association promotes and develops Scottish expertise in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. SHFCA brings together Scotland’s specialised fuel cell companies, power generation companies, academic institutions, research and development bodies, energy consultants, Scottish Enterprise and local enterprise companies and councils with an interest in Hydrogen & Fuel Cells. Membership is open to all-comers.


This latest SHFCA Memorandum of Understanding signifies the commitment of both organisations to collaborate for the benefit of their members and the industries they represent. It is a non-binding agreement that sets the stage for future cooperation and joint initiatives, building on the MoUs which SHFCA has established over the past 15 years with a wide range of member associations who have aligned interests and activities.



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