Dongfeng Motor begins commercial pilot operation of Venucia V-Online’s hydrogen-powered cars




Dongfeng Motor begins commercial pilot operation of Venucia V-Online’s hydrogen-powered cars.


Dongfeng Motor Corporation (“Dongfeng Motor”) announced the official commencement of the commercial pilot operation of Venucia’s first hydrogen-powered vehicle, the Venucia V-Online Qing Jing (translating to “Hydrogen Realm”), in the Huadu District of Guangzhou city.


This commercial demonstration operation, a collaborative effort between the Huadu District Government, Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited, Dongfeng Motor Company Limited, and Lan-You Mobility, spans 36 months. It aims to cover the Huadu Auto City and the areas surrounding the district government’s location through shuttle buses and official vehicles, connecting core areas such as Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou North Railway Station. The subsequent plan includes gradually expanding operations to cover the entire Guangzhou city.


In 2023, Venucia completed a comprehensive layout in the new energy vehicle (NEV) sector, embracing plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles. At the Auto Guangzhou 2023, the company elevated its NEV strategy, unveiling a three-year strategic plan focusing on technology, products, ecosystem, channels, and services.


The Venucia V-Online Qing Jing officially hit the market in November 2023 at a price of 998,800 yuan. It features a slightly smaller length and height compared to the Venucia V-Online DD-i. The distinct front design includes large-sized mesh ventilation openings, enhancing combustion efficiency. The “氢舟 (translating to ‘Hydrogen Boat’) H2·e” emblem on the rear signifies its identity as a hydrogen-powered model.


The vehicle tank can be filled up with hydrogen in just 5 minutes. Utilizing hydrogen-electric dual-drive technology, the Venucia V-Online Qing Jing boasts a maximum range of 500 km on a full tank of hydrogen and a fully charged battery. The vehicle is equipped with a hydrogen-electric hybrid intelligent control system, allowing smooth transitions in various driving conditions and maintaining low energy consumption across all terrains, achieving a range of 120 km per kilogram of hydrogen.


Dongfeng Motor expresses that the successful implementation of this project will provide valuable experience for the development of hydrogen-powered passenger vehicles, accelerate the national deployment of hydrogen fuel cell technology, drive further transformation and upgrading of China’s automotive industry, and contribute to achieving the national goal of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality.



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