JET H2 Energy Plans to Build Ten Hydrogen Filling Stations in Germany and Denmark



Progress regarding the expansion of the hydrogen refueling infrastructure for road traffic: JET H2 Energy is planning the construction of its first ten hydrogen filling stations in Germany and Denmark. The filling stations will supply cars as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles and busses with gaseous, green hydrogen – at 350 and 700 bar. The first orders have been placed and the start of construction work is in preparation, so that the stations can be in operation by spring 2024 at the latest.


Most of the stations will be newly built, but some are also expansions of existing conventional JET filling stations. The hydrogen provided by JET H2 Energy is 100 percent green.


Technology supplied by Germany


The technology for the ten planned filling stations is supplied by the German manufacturer Maximator Hydrogen, which manufactures its hydrogen filling station systems in Nordhausen, Thuringia. Both corporations have signed a framework contract for their partnership.


Olaf Borbor, CEO of JET H2 Energy, said:


We are happy to have reached the next big milestone in the implementation of hydrogen ecosystems in Germany, Denmark and Austria

“The partnership with Maximator Hydrogen enables us to grow quickly and efficiently over the next few years.”


While looking for a reliable partner the choice for Maximator Hydrogen was made, due to the company’s many years of experience with highpressure technology and its ability to supply modern and highperformance filling station technology.


René Himmelstein, co-founder of Maximator Hydrogen:


For us, the cooperation with JET H2 Energy is the continuation of a long-standing relationship on equal terms.


“We are highly motivated to actively help shape the turnaround towards low-emission transport routes with our contribution of a reliable infrastructure.”


Core to climate change reversal

The nationwide expansion of the filling station infrastructure for green hydrogen is an important prerequisite for sustainable, CO2-neutral road traffic and fulfilling the Paris Agreement climate goals. In total, JET H2 Energy is planning to build 250 public hydrogen filling stations in Germany, Austria and Denmark.


About JET H2 Energy


JET H2 Energy is a Joint Venture of Phillips 66 Ltd. (UK) and H2 Energy Europe AG (CH), founded July 2022. The shareholder Phillips 66 Ltd. contributes its expertise in the commercial construction and operation of over 1,600 JET filling stations in Europe. H2 Energy Europe AG has extensive technical expertise in the field of hydrogen technologies as well as experience with the ramp-up of the green hydrogen ecosystem in Switzerland.


The goal of JET H2 Energy is the construction of 250 public hydrogen filling stations for road traffic in Germany, Denmark and Austria within the next five years. For establishing regional and cross-border hydrogen mobility ecosystems JET H2 relies on close partnerships with stakeholders along the entire supply chain.


About Maximator Hydrogen


Maximator Hydrogen GmbH from Nordhausen is a leading provider and developer of comprehensive system solutions for the entire value chain of hydrogen technologies. With around 170 employees, the company combines unique expertise with the knowhow of around 700 H2-relevant patents.


As a fast and efficient partner for the planning, construction and operation of hydrogen infrastructure for road, rail and ship traffic, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH, a Schmidt Kranz Group company, offers highly reliable and modern hydrogen filling stations from a single source. With its high performance, flexibility and speed, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH is a key partner for
specifically tailored hydrogen solutions for large international companies and corporations.


Source: HydrogenCentral


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