Another German district opts for Solaris hydrogen buses




Another German district opts for Solaris hydrogen buses.


Solaris and public transport operator Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Kreis Groß-Gerau (LNVG) have begun collaborating by signing a contract for the delivery of 23 Urbino hydrogen buses. The order encompasses 15 standard-length Urbino 12 hydrogen vehicles and 8 articulated Urbino 18 hydrogen buses. The 12-meter vehicles are scheduled to be delivered by November 2024, and the 18-meter vehicles by mid-2025.


Solaris Bus & Coach and public transport operator Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellschaft mbH in the District of Groß-Gerau signed a contract for the supply of 15 Urbino 12 hydrogen units and 8 articulated Urbino 18 hydrogen buses. This is the first order placed by this carrier with Solaris.


LNVG has been testing hydrogen technology in public transport for a few years now and also aim to transform the whole fleet to be zero-emission and to generate no noxious emissions by 2030. The investment in 23 Solaris hydrogen buses which has just been made will considerably contribute to achieving this goal. The cutting-edge buses will roll out onto the streets of Groß-Gerau in November 2024 for 12-meter models, and articulated models by mid-2025. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.


The Urbino 12 hydrogen and Urbino 18 hydrogen models are exceptionally environmentally friendly vehicles that do not generate any polluting exhaust emissions at the point of use. They are powered by energy derived from 70 kW and 100 kW fuel cells, respectively, and their driveline is based on electric traction motors. The buses will be fitted with Solaris High Power batteries that act in hydrogen vehicles as a supporting energy storage facility.


The comfort and safety of passengers will be ensured by efficient air conditioning using a heat pump, a comprehensive video surveillance system and a modern passenger information system. To aid the driver’s work, the buses will be equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including features to detect pedestrians and cyclists in the blind spot of the vehicle. In addition, the eSConnect system designed by Solaris for monitoring vehicle performance and fleet management will facilitate day-to-day operations.


More and more German cities and regions are deploying Solaris hydrogen buses in public transport. The company is a leading bus maker in Europe when it comes to manufacturing and delivering vehicles of this type. Urbino hydrogen units have so far been ordered and delivered to clients from Austria, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy.



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