Hydrogen Future highlights ‘extraordinary strides’ in wind turbine prototype testing




Hydrogen Future highlights ‘extraordinary strides’ in wind turbine prototype testing.


Hydrogen Future Industries PLC (AQSE:HFI), the developer of wind-based green hydrogen production systems, underscored its gamut of operational highlights in today’s full-year results for the 12 months ending 31 July 2023.


During the period, Hydrogen Future tested its one-metre-diameter wind turbine in Montana, US, yielding a suggested 270% increase in energy production compared to traditional open-rotor wind turbines.


Hydrogen Future also made significant strides in the development of its high-performance electrolyser.


Led by quantum-physicist Dr Nicholas Blake, the company commenced concept testing in California to build an electrolyser using cheaper and more readily available materials, with early results showing efficiency of up to 97%​​.


In May 2023, Hydrogen Future established a facility in Birmingham, UK, where work is ongoing to incorporate the variable hydraulic drive and/or electro-magnetic clutch and lower the cost of energy production of the system.


Neil Ritson, Non-executive chairman, commented:


Hydrogen Future is making extraordinary strides both in prototype testing of the wind turbine in Montana.


“with limited initial data corroborating wind tunnel results, and the novel electrolyser in California, which has recorded impressive efficiency from initial testing.


“The performance improvement of the Hydrogen Future wind turbine over existing ones is potentially game changing on a world scale and we look forward to moving closer to a position whereby we can demonstrate this.”


Looking ahead, Hydrogen Future is beginning a first feasibility study of its technology in the mining sector and will continue with its collaboration with the University of Bristol to further advance its technology and secure funding for joint research and development.


This partnership will leverage the university’s expertise in hydrogen-related projects and provide a platform for Hydrogen Future to enhance its green hydrogen production system, particularly the Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyser​​.


The company reported cash and cash equivalents of approximately £262,000 at year-end.



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