Hynoca-Alkmaar Project: The Hynoca® Solution at the Heart of a New “Hydrogen Valley” Supported by the European Union




Haffner Energy’s mission is to make decarbonized energy production possible by bringing local players together around common interests. The Hynoca-Alkmaar project in north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, developed by HYDEVCO, is based on Haffner Energy’s HYNOCA® solution. It’s a fine illustration of the mission Haffner Energy has set itself: to create a complete chain for the production and distribution of renewable hydrogen for mobility and industry.

With ambitious targets for green hydrogen production (240 t/year of fuel cell-grade H2) and biomass recovery (6,500 t/year), the Hynoca-Alkmaar project is a fine application of Haffner Energy’s know-how.

Hynoca-Alkmaar is part of the REFORMERS project, supported by Horizon Europe, a European Union program whose aim is to develop Renewable Energy Valleys to increase energy security, while accelerating Europe’s green transition.

This project is subsidized by the Horizons Europe program and contributes to achieving the objectives of REPowerEU:

1) Increase green energy production
2) Diversify energy supplies
3) Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

This Hydrogen Valley in the North of the Netherlands is a “Flagship Valley” which will serve as a model for six satellite valleys in Europe, which will use the feedback from this innovative program. As a reminder, the New Energy Coalition Alkmaar, which is responsible for coordinating the REFORMERS ecosystem, was the driving force behind participation in the program, and applied for the European subsidy program, which for the first time is funding a project in which Haffner Energy’s technology is of such crucial importance.

Haffner Energy is particularly proud to be taking part in this project operated by a local Dutch consortium (including GP Groot – waste collection and management – and Investa – center of expertise for biomass and gasification technologies in the Netherlands), which was convinced by the many advantages and performance of the HYNOCA® solution.

The green hydrogen produced by the Hynoca-Alkmaar project will be used to power the trucks of a regional distribution center, light vehicles and industrial vehicles. An ecosystem of different players will revolve around this installation, sourcing biomass, transforming it into green hydrogen, distributing it via a new-generation distribution station, and finally valorizing the biochar, a co-product of thermolysis, a veritable carbon sink that makes the entire carbon chain negative.

With this project, Haffner Energy has once again distinguished itself by its ability to bring together, around its technological solutions, local players who place innovation at the heart of their development, and who intend to successfully complete the transition to a low-carbon energy mix.



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