HET Hydrogen installs its first MW-scale electrolyser




Singapore-based HET Hydrogen, a subsidiary of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, has revealed its first MW-scale electrolyser installation. Commissioned in late 2023, the company’s 1-MW electrolyser will supply hydrogen to an integrated project including a hydrogen refuelling station and a fuel cell test centre in Foshan, one of the UN-designated ‘Hydrogen Demonstration Cities’ in China.

This transitions the site from hydrogen delivered by trailer to on-site hydrogen produced from water electrolysis.


HET Hydrogen plans to supply MW-scale electrolysers to global customers, building on Horizon’s 20-year expertise in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) capabilities.


The company recently announced its collaboration with platinum group metals (PGM) producer Anglo American to optimise the use of PGMs and facilitate further growth of PEM electrolyser technologies.



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