H2Pro and Sumitomo Corp to Partner on High-Efficiency Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Deal Worth $250M



Under the agreement, Sumitomo Corporation will integrate H2Pro electrolyzers at the multiple hundreds of MW level, creating a significant scale-up opportunity for the breakthrough technology


CAESAREA, Israel — Israeli cleantech company H2Pro announces its agreement with Japanese Fortune Global 500 conglomerate Sumitomo Corporation (SC) to partner on a variety of green hydrogen initiatives. H2Pro, which develops the breakthrough 95% efficient E-TAC electrolyzer system, is forming partnerships worldwide with forward-thinking industrial players to integrate green hydrogen into their clean energy transition plans. Under the agreement, SC will integrate H2Pro’s E-TAC electrolyzers at the hundreds of MW scale, primarily for use in green ammonia projects. The agreement between H2Pro and its investor-turned-partner is a critical strategic move for H2Pro to scale its technology.


In the initial phase of this agreement, Sumitomo and its partners will collaborate with H2Pro on operations for H2Pro’s technology pilot and demonstration, and will supply H2Pro with various manufacturing equipment through its extensive network. In turn, H2Pro will provide Sumitomo with data to support Sumitomo’s strategic planning for its pipeline of green hydrogen projects. By the second half of this decade, Sumitomo plans to incorporate H2Pro’s electrolyzer technology, both within and outside the Sumitomo Corporation Group, toward the production of several hundred tons of green hydrogen per day. 


Talmon Marco, CEO of H2Pro said “As H2Pro scales from a breakthrough technology startup to a commercial-scale manufacturer, a partnership such as this with Sumitomo Corporation is invaluable.” He continued, “From pilot system deployment to the eventual integration of our commercial class system into their pipeline, we will benefit tremendously from Sumitomo’s operations expertise and diverse industrial experience.  We are confident this partnership will help us bring E-TAC to the world and make affordable green hydrogen a reality this decade.”


Green hydrogen, which does not emit carbon dioxide when utilized, is becoming widely accepted as a critical tool for achieving net zero. Integrating green hydrogen into hard-to-abate sectors like steel, ammonia, refineries, heavy transport and aviation is crucial. Additionally, green hydrogen will play a vital role in energy storage and as a clean molecule for renewable energy export. Through its energy efficient, cost-effective systems, H2Pro will make green hydrogen accessible to both existing and emerging hydrogen markets and applications.


Japan, which lacks continuous access to local renewables such as solar and wind, will rely heavily on green hydrogen and ammonia to augment its clean energy supply as it decarbonizes multiple sectors. SC’s Energy Innovation Initiative is investing in revolutionary decarbonization solutions with a focus on clean fuel production and storage.


“Green Hydrogen will play a critical role in Japan’s decarbonization strategy” explained


Mr. Yoshihiko Ichikawa, General Manager of SC’s Hydrogen Business Department. “At Sumitomo Corporation, we are preparing for this transition by working to employ the most efficient means of green hydrogen production into our clean energy pipeline. Our partnership with H2Pro propels this vision forward.”


About H2Pro


H2Pro is accelerating the global transition to net zero by enabling affordable green hydrogen this decade. H2Pro’s E-TAC (Electrochemical – Thermally Activated Chemical) technology solves the key challenges of traditional electrolysis by time-separating hydrogen and oxygen generation. E-TAC reaches its unparalleled 95% efficiency (compared to 60-70% efficiency of alternative methods) by avoiding the inefficient electrochemical Oxygen Evolution Reaction, replacing it with a Thermally Activated Chemical (TAC) reaction that doesn’t consume power or heat. Additionally, as hydrogen and oxygen are generated at separate times, an expensive membrane is not required. Combined with low-cost, mass-produced electrodes, E-TAC systems benefit from a safe and easily scalable design at a greatly reduced cost.


Headquartered in Caesarea, Israel, H2Pro was founded in 2019 based on years of research conducted at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. H2Pro has raised over 100 Million USD. It is backed by leading investors and strategic partners, including Bills Gates’ climate fund Breakthrough Energy, Temasek Holdings, ArcelorMittal, CSN, Sumitomo Corporation, and Yara Growth Ventures. H2Pro’s 0.4MW pilot systems will launch in 2023 and its commercial production line will begin manufacturing in 2024 via its first factory in Tziporit, Israel.


About Sumitomo Corporation


Sumitomo Corporation (“SC”) is a leading Fortune 500 global trading and business investment company with 111 locations in overseas countries/regions and 20 locations in Japan. The entire SC Group consists of approximately 900 companies and more than 70,000 personnel.


SC conducts commodity transactions in all industries utilizing worldwide networks, provides related customers with various financing, serves as an organizer and a coordinator for various projects, and invests in companies to promote greater growth potential.


Sumitomo Corporation Group conducts business activities in a wide range of industries on a global scale, with a focus on the following business fields: Metal Products, Transportation & Construction Systems, Infrastructure, Media & Digital, Living Related & Real Estate, Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics, and Energy Innovation.




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