Major boost for hydrogen: Wuhan's Qingshan District secures $50 million order for clean trucks


Yangzi River Daily


Wuhan Qingshan District "Central China Hydrogen Valley" Opens with a Bang in the First Quarter of 2024


Recently, Rongtong Automobile signed a purchase contract for 160 hydrogen heavy-duty trucks and 100 pure electric special vehicles with logistics companies such as Hubei GuoRun Logistics Co., Ltd. and Hubei Haoyou Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. The total transaction amount is nearly 400 million yuan.


It is understood that these hydrogen energy vehicles will be mainly used for the transportation of sand and gravel, coal, and phosphate mines. Due to the special operation scenarios and the large number of vehicles, it is also necessary to build matching hydrogen refueling stations and after-sales service stations in the factory area to ensure the normal operation of the vehicles.


Rongtong Automobile settled in Qingshan District in 2022. The company focuses on the hydrogen energy vehicle industry and has built a complete industrial chain from hydrogen production, storage, transportation, refueling to hydrogen energy vehicle applications.


In recent years, Wuhan has attached great importance to the development of the hydrogen energy industry and included it in the "965" modern industrial system of Wuhan. Zhang Hongquan, mayor of Wuhan, said: "Hydrogen energy vehicles have the characteristics of fast acceleration, stable start, zero emission, zero pollution, low noise and high efficiency, which perfectly integrate green and low-carbon with traditional energy industries."


The application of hydrogen energy vehicles is still in the promotion stage. Rongtong Automobile currently mainly produces commuting vehicles, light trucks, heavy trucks and engineering machinery, such as hydrogen energy commuting vehicles, logistics vehicles, traction vehicles, dump trucks, mixer trucks, sanitation vehicles and loaders.


In 2022, the first batch of Rongtong Automobile's hydrogen energy commuting vehicles were put into use in the Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant. Each vehicle has an average daily travelled distance of about 258 kilometers. The hydrogen fuel cell engine system and hydrogen cylinders equipped are resistant to cold and high temperature, which can ensure the normal operation of the vehicles in extreme weather conditions.


The signing of this batch of hydrogen energy heavy-duty truck orders marks a solid step in the development of Wuhan's hydrogen energy industry, and also adds new impetus to the construction of "Central China Hydrogen Valley".


Source:Yangzi River Daily


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