Ceres starts work on 100MW solid-oxide electrolyser system that could speed up giga-scale green hydrogen deployment




UK firm to develop a blueprint for modular units as well as a real “multi-MW” commercial installation


UK electrolyser maker Ceres Power has started work on developing a 100MW modular version of its solid-oxide electrolyser, that could be used to speed up deployment of gigawatt-scale green hydrogen installations.


To this end, the company has teamed up with AtkinsRéalis, a Canadian design, engineering and project management firm, to develop a blueprint for a modular solid-oxide electrolyser (SOE) system with over 100MW capacity.


A modular “building block” electrolyser system could allow green hydrogen developers to design and scale their projects more easily — and cheaply — compared to the bespoke installations that are typically required today.


The blueprint will be developed as Ceres and AtkinsRéalis carry out front-end engineering and design (FEED) work for a commercial, “multi-MW” project using a modularised version of Ceres’ electrolyser technology.


“Our collaboration with AtkinsRéalis will help find solutions which not only reduce emissions but are also more economical and can be deployed quickly and at scale,” said Jon Harman, technology delivery director at Ceres.


The duo did not reveal any details of the multi-MW project, however Ceres technology has been used a 1MW-scale plant at a site in Germany, as well as at Shell’s demonstration project in Bangalore, India.


It is also being scaled under licence through partners in South Korea and Taiwan, the UK company said.


Ceres claims that its SOE technology, which combines electrolysis with high temperatures, often provided by waste heat from industrial processes, produces green H2 25% more efficiently than low-temperature technologies.



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