Green Hydrogen – Siemens Energy and HH2E on a Green Revolution mission in Germany




Green Hydrogen – Siemens Energy and HH2E on a Green Revolution mission in Germany.


In a move that paves the way to green energy, Siemens Energy and HH2E have begun a project to addressing the future green energy needs of HH2E, focusing specifically on the provision of high-voltage systems, power transformers and beyond, essential for the operation of HH2E’s large-scale green hydrogen production units across Germany.  Siemens Energy brings its advanced energy technology to the project.


Green hydrogen is a key element in the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables. Hydrogen can serve as a storage medium and also as a raw material for further applications, including synthetic fuels. Renewable energy can also be used directly as an energy source to generate electricity and heat, which have previously depended on gas – both fields of interest to HH2E.


In combination with a massive expansion of renewables, this is a way to ensure the success of the energy transition. The pathways for producing green hydrogen and its derived products are known; the task now is to scale production to industrial volumes to serve inspiriting customers such as HH2E.


The HH2E-Werk green hydrogen production facilities, notably those in the pipeline for Lubmin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Thierbach in Saxony, are set to commence operations with an initial capacity of 100 MW input power. This capacity is not only aimed at producing a substantial 7,000 tons of green hydrogen annually but is also designed with scalability in mind, with the potential to expand up to 1 GW capacity. Such an expansion would increase the production to 70,000 tons of green hydrogen each year. This ambitious undertaking is in strict compliance with the stringent European Union Renewable Energy Standards, ensuring that the green hydrogen produced is not only sustainable but also competitively priced within the German market.


At the heart of HH2E’s innovative approach is a unique technology mix that combines electrolyzers with high-capacity batteries – hence the compatibility of need on HH2E’s side and the offering provided by Siemens Energy. HH2E’s strategy to maximize the use of this curtailed power underscores their commitment to transforming these otherwise lost green electrons into a powerful force for the production of green hydrogen. Furthermore, the HH2E facilities are poised to contribute to the local communities by supplying green heat to district heating networks in nearby urban areas, showcasing a holistic approach to green energy production – and a great opportunity for Siemens Energy to plant their technological know-how.


Representatives from both Siemens Energy and HH2E have expressed their enthusiasm for the Lubmin project and hopefully many following ones. The high-voltage systems and power transformers supplied by Siemens Energy are not just components but are the backbone of their green hydrogen production units. Siemens Energy strives to leverage its vast expertise and comprehensive portfolio to deliver bespoke solutions that cater to evolving needs, ensuring a streamlined process from the initial enquiry to the final delivery of binding offers.


The cooperation between Siemens Energy and HH2E is remarkable as it transcends the traditional buyer-supplier relationship, embodying a forward-looking endeavor that aims to foster long-term cooperation and growth, understanding the supplier`s expertise and the buyer`s tasks. Through joint coordination and proactive negotiations, Siemens Energy and HH2E are setting a precedent for how resources can be aligned to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by the future green energy landscape.


The collaboration is expected to yield highly modular and innovative solutions, setting new benchmarks in the industry and demonstrating the transformative potential of strategic partnerships in driving progress and achieving sustainability goals. Both have celebrated their first signature ceremony in Berlin at the Siemens Energy Switchgear Factory where HH2E had the opportunity to visit a guided tour through the Siemens Energy location, gain an insight into the technology and current projects, as well as the new Siemens Energy Electrolyzer Factory. The workshop, tours and meetings were facilitators to brainstorm on future projects, and naturally to further cooperation and commitment.



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