Driving the hydrogen revolution – HYCAP portfolio company Wrightbus expands European reach with Saarbahn deal




Driving the hydrogen revolution – HYCAP portfolio company Wrightbus expands European reach with Saarbahn deal.


In another significant stride toward decarbonising heavy transport on the international stage, zero-emission bus trailblazer Wrightbus, a HYCAP portfolio company, has secured a substantial European order for its hydrogen single-deck buses. Wrightbus are now the U.K. leader, and operate a production line focused on both electric and hydrogen technology.


Saarbahn GmbH, the prominent German transport company, has placed an order for 28 Kite Hydroliners, solidifying Wrightbus’s position in the European market.


Saarbahn GmbH, in partnership with Saarbahn Netz GmbH, boasts an extensive transportation network, serving approximately 43.7 million passengers annually. The decision to integrate 28 hydrogen buses into their fleet underscores a commitment to environmental responsibility and aligns with the clear net-zero targets set for the Saarland region.


Jean-Marc Gales, Wrightbus CEO, said:


This is a significant deal for Wrightbus, Saarbahn GmbH, and the people of Saarland.


“We are delighted to deliver even more zero-emission buses in support of clear net-zero targets.” The Saarbahn deal is part of Wrightbus’s broader mission to promote their sustainable transportation solutions in Europe.


Beyond this milestone, the impact of hydrogen adoption in heavy transport is evident. The increasing number of hydrogen projects in development marks an opportunity for a network of hydrogen hubs, forming the infrastructure that could connect various regions across Europe. Such a system not only meets the surging demand for zero-emission vehicles, but also helps establish a sustainable hydrogen ecosystem.


In addition to the Saarbahn deal, Wrightbus continues to strategically expand its presence in Europe, with several other deals in the pipeline. In a recent interview with the Irish Times, Jean-Marc, who took the helm as CEO in April 2023, discussed the establishment of a new after-sales centre in Cologne, Germany. Looking further afield, Wrightbus is also set to revive its Malaysian factory base, eyeing markets in Hong Kong and Singapore. Jean-Marc has also revealed plans for nightshift production lines, further signalling the company’s positive trajectory.


Wrightbus’s commitment to #DrivingAGreenerFuture is evident in its impact on heavy transport. The company’s zero-emission buses on the road have surged from 200 a year ago to a projected 1,700 in the coming year, establishing Wrightbus as the UK leader. The aspiration is to now further solidify its position as a European leader and a global force in the zero-emission transportation sector.


As Wrightbus continues to spearhead the hydrogen revolution, its dedication to sustainability, innovation, and global leadership remains steadfast.


says Jean-Marc:


“We’re UK leader now, we want to become European leader, and we want to be a world leading company.”



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