Viritech Launches “VPT60N” Ready To Run Fuel Cell Powertrain




Viritech Launches “VPT60N” Ready To Run Fuel Cell Powertrain.


Viritech, the leading hydrogen powertrain solutions provider, today launches its 60kW VPT60N Ready to Run Vehicle Powertrain. Part of the Viritech Powertrain family and the culmination of a number of years of research and development by Viritech, the VPT60N Powertrain combines the array of Viritech powertrain products and enabling technologies into a complete powertrain solution for OEMs, Tier-1’s and Research Bodies allowing for the rapid deployment of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.


The powertrain includes:


– 60kW Fuel Cell with Balance of Plant and Boost DC/DC Power Converter.

– 16kWh 400V Battery Energy Store with Battery Management System and Cooling Components.

– Combined e-machine, inverter and final drive unit with up to 200kW peak power and 4100Nm Axle Torque

– 6Kg 350bar Hydrogen Storage System with Pressure Regulation and SAE Compliant Fill System

– Full Function Vehicle Control Unit with Tri-Volt™ energy management, which manages all aspects of the powertrain, including HVIL and related safety systems.


Both the battery energy store and hydrogen storage are available in bespoke form factors to aid packaging on vehicle with a standardised option for both available to minimise lead-times. The Powertrain is delivered with all systems integration between powertrain components completed and the VCU preconfigured for system start-up within the vehicle.


The Powertrain is offered in a non-homologated form for prototype and development vehicle use, with Viritech’s engineering division able to support vehicle integration and development (including HMI and functional safety case) to achieve a fully homologated end vehicle.


With the launch of the Fuel Cell Powertrain, Viritech is again reinforcing its commitment to enabling the production of fuel cell vehicles and assisting OEMs and Tier-1s to meet zero-emission vehicle targets without vehicle performance compromises. For further information on the Fuel Cell Powertrain, please see: www.viritech.co.uk/vpt


Timothy Lyons, CEO of Viritech said:


The launch of the first powertrain in our vehicle powertrain family realises years of hard work at Viritech.


“We are excited to make available to OEMs and Tier-1s a viable, available and easily integrated fuel cell powertrain which enables vehicle manufacturers to accelerate the delivery of fuel cell vehicles on and off-highway.”



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