KnitMesh Technologies – Success at the World Electrolysis Congress




KnitMesh Technologies – Success at the World Electrolysis Congress.


KnitMesh Technologies, the leading provider of knitted mesh and metallic porous media solutions, recently participated in the highly anticipated World Electrolysis Congress. This global event provided an ideal platform for KnitMesh Technologies to showcase our innovative products for electrolysers and green hydrogen production. With a remarkable turnout and numerous networking opportunities, the congress was a great success for KnitMesh Technologies in generating awareness of our innovative products.


Showcasing Cutting-Edge Solutions


At the World Electrolysis Congress, KnitMesh Technologies stood out prominently as we presented our extensive range of knitted mesh and metallic porous media solutions. These products have been specifically designed to address the growing demands of electrolysers and facilitate the production of green hydrogen. Visitors to the KnitMesh Technologies booth had the opportunity to explore the versatile applications and benefits of these advanced materials.


Success and Positive Reception


KnitMesh Technologies’ participation in the World Electrolysis Congress proved to be an immense success. We witnessed a remarkable level of interest from attendees who were impressed by the high quality and effectiveness of our solutions. The overwhelming response indicated a growing recognition of KnitMesh Technologies’ contributions to the industry and our commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions.


Additionally, the event provided an excellent platform for networking and establishing valuable connections. Representatives from various organisations and industry professionals attended the KnitMesh Technologies booth, leading to fruitful discussions and potential collaborations. Our presence at the congress solidified our position as a trusted industry leader in providing cutting-edge solutions for electrolysis applications.


Insights from Karl Iddon


Karl Iddon, Technical Sales Executive at KnitMesh Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the event. He stated:


Participating in the World Electrolysis Congress was an incredible opportunity for us to present our innovative products to a global audience.


“The level of interest we received exceeded our expectations, reinforcing our belief in the power of knitted mesh and metallic porous media solutions for electrolysis. We are delighted to have been part of such a prestigious event.”



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