Offshore hydrogen pilot 'no longer an efficient use of our resources': Vattenfall




The HT1 project had been allocated £9.3m in government funding, but has been scrapped before it could produce H2 from next year


Utility Vattenfall has scrapped a pilot offshore hydrogen pilot off the coast of Scotland, despite being awarded up to £9.3m ($11.9m) in government funding for its development.


The utility planned to affix an electrolyser to one of its 8.8MW turbines in the Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm by 2025 and pipe the green hydrogen back to shore via a 12km subsea pipeline.


“As the project evolved, the regulatory aspects of offshore hydrogen production became the primary focus,” a spokesperson for Vattenfall told Hydrogen Insight.


“At the same time, other industry advances meant it was no longer an efficient use of our resources to actually trial hydrogen production any longer.”


The Vattenfall spokesperson clarified to Hydrogen Insight that the trial had been designed to demonstrate that offshore hydrogen production was possible in the first place, before any commercial decisions could be taken on future facilities.


With the conclusion of Sealhyfe, the first offshore hydrogen pilot in Europe, in November last year, this would appear to put the HT1 project late to the game to prove the feasibility of H2 production at sea.


However, the utility has attempted to put a positive spin on the decision to scrap the pilot, arguing that its activity during development helped inform UK’s regulatory and consenting framework for offshore hydrogen transportation and storage.


The spokesperson added that the government funding would have only covered a small portion of total project costs and only lasted up until the first few months after operations began.


However, Vattenfall did not provide a specific figure on how much of the £9.3m support promised had been tapped up until the pilot had been scrapped.


This marks the second proposed UK offshore hydrogen project this month to be scrapped by its developer, with SSE and Equinor confirming that the fourth phase of Dogger Bank wind farm will only produce electricity.



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