Cracking green hydrogen’s ‘chicken and egg’ problem – euronews




Cracking green hydrogen’s ‘chicken and egg’ problem – euronews.


As Europe races towards its 2030 renewable-hydrogen goals, Iberdrola’s Carlos Fúnez Guerra explains the importance of working with customers to ensure supply and demand are always in sync.


Energy experts might argue that clean hydrogen has a ‘chicken and egg’ problem; creating supply and demand simultaneously in a new market poses challenges. 


Carlos Fúnez Guerra, the Green Hydrogen Development Manager at Iberdrola insists that the key is to enable the producer and customer to work together from the offset.


Fúnez Guerra told Euronews:


You need to be sure you have an off-taker before you start with the project. In the facility we have today we discuss it a lot with Fertiberia, the off-taker and we design the project, taking into consideration the needs of the off-taker.


Iberdrola is a leader in the renewable energy market and plans to create more than 52,000 MW of renewable energy capacity by 2025.


“It doesn’t make sense to do a project without any off-taker… it makes sense to put the facility very close to the off-taker in order to avoid the transport and save money at the end of the day. And I believe that this is the best strategy,” concluded Fúnez Guerra.



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