Hydrogen Powered Generator – Unique collaboration sees Hitachi Energy decarbonize construction site in Sweden




Hydrogen Powered Generator – Unique collaboration sees Hitachi Energy decarbonize construction site in Sweden.


The innovative hydrogen project at Skanska’s construction site in the Port of Gothenburg is the first demonstration of HyFlex at a customer site. For two weeks, the unit ran on green hydrogen from Linde Gas to generate clean electricity for an on-site charging station. In turn, the station supplies electricity to a Volvo electric excavator used for construction work on the site.


The solution represents a milestone in the electrification and decarbonization of construction sites with each party contributing their technology expertise.


Hitachi Energy’s HyFlex is designed to serve as a clean alternative to diesel generators, commonly used on construction sites that don’t have access to grid power. It is completely emission-free during operation, producing AC power, usable heat, and water.1


As a highly scalable and portable plug-and-play solution – it can be transported and used immediately. The HyFlex generator includes fuel cell modules, power electronics, cooling, auxiliaries, and an intelligent control system. Hitachi Energy’s technology partner, PowerCell Group, has provided the power modules and know-how in fuel cell integration. The generator is enclosed in an easily transportable container creating minimal noise output during operation.


Tobias Hansson, Country Managing Director, Hitachi Energy in Sweden, said:


This is a great example of the importance and power of collaboration, when industry leaders come together to accelerate the energy transition.


“The HyFlex installation at Skanska´s construction site in the Port of Gothenburg successfully demonstrates how this hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology can serve as a clean a reliable alternative to diesel generators” he added.


Magnus Persson, CEO Skanska Sverige AB, said:


Fossil free construction sites is an important part of the construction sector´s strive for net zero emissions.


“In order to succeed with the climate transition, cooperation with other sectors is crucial. This test was made possible by the great teamwork with Hitachi Energy, Volvo and other partners.”


Niklas Wahlberg, VP Partnership and System Solutions, Volvo Group, said:


There is no one key that will unlock our decarbonization journey. At Volvo Group, we strongly believe that different solutions are needed if we are to accelerate our customers’ transition towards fossil free sites.


“This project is testament to the power of partnership and a flexible decarbonization approach that sees different technologies, and companies, working towards a shared goal. Together, we make the most sustainable choice today so that every step we take moves us closer towards net zero”​,


Hitachi Energy is developing multiple modular variants of the HyFlex generator to suit the needs of various markets and applications, including remote construction sites, mines, large-scale events, data centers, among others. The unit deployed at the Port of Gothenburg site is a scaled-down version of the commercial offering which will be relaeased for sale in the near future.



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