Transformation of the Gas Grid Into Hydrogen Grid



European TSOs Enagás, GRTgaz, REN and Teréga signed an agreement to boost transformation of the gas grid into hydrogen grid.


  • This initiative, called ‘Green2TSO’, is led by Spanish, French and Portuguese Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and is driven through Open Innovation.


  • The project aims to incorporate new technologies to allow the hydrogen development in the transport grid.


  • It is aligned with the European Comission’s objectives to boost European TSOs as carriers of an efficient, safe and clean energy vector using our large-scale infrastructure.


The Spanish (Enagás), French (GRTgaz and Teréga) and Portuguese (REN) Transmission System Operators have signed the initiative ‘Green2TSO’, aimed to transform the gas grid into hydrogen grid through open innovation.


The ‘Green2TSO’ project is aligned with the European Comission’s initiatives Green Deal, Fit for 55 and REPowerEU, underlining the role of European TSOs to become carriers of hydrogen as an efficient, safe and clean energy vector, using its large-scale infrastructure.


According to the CEO of Enagás, Arturo Gonzalo, “this agreement is a step at a crucial time for the development of renewable gases infrastructure in Europe. It perfectly fits with the European Union common objective of decarbonising the economy and become energy independendent, as stated in the European strategy REPowerEU”.


In words of Thierry Trouve, CEO of GRTgaz, “strong collaboration on research and development between gas TSOs is key to accelerate the deployment of a safe, flexible, and cost-efficient Hydrogen grid. With our R&D Center, RICE (Research and Innovation Center for Energy), GRTgaz will provide high-skilled expertise and dedicated hydrogen facilities to drive and support the Green2TSO initiative towards the completion of the future European Hydrogen Backbone”.


Rodrigo Costa, Chairman and CEO of REN, has underlined that “This agreement is a very important step forward for the European energy transition. This joint effort is fundamental for the widespread use of green hydrogen, in the fight against climate change and towards the decarbonisation of the economy”.


In this regard, Dominique Mockly, President and CEO of Teréga, has pointed out that “This Green2TSO initiative between four gas TSOs is definitely key to boost research and innovation in the field of hydrogen. This is an important step towards implementation of the future European Hydrogen Backbone in a context of decarbonization of the industry and means of transport.


In this context, the European Commission also supports Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and Open Innovation as drivers for technological change, boosting cooperation between member states.


Through ‘Green2TSO’, this consortium will carry out pilot projects, technology tests and other tasks, in order to accelerate the transformation of the natural gas grid.


The Technology fields to be prioritised will be technologies for hydrogen leak detection, compression and above ground storage and alternatives for coating and cleaning of pipelines.


One project in the field of hydrogen leak detection led by ‘Green2TSO’ promoters, called ‘Green2TSO OPHTYCS’, has already been chosen by the European Commission to be co-funded.




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