Hydrogen Production – Hynet Carbon Dioxide Pipeline development consent decision announced




Hydrogen Production – Hynet Carbon Dioxide Pipeline development consent decision announced.


The Project consists of a new build carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline that will transport CO2 produced and captured by future hydrogen producing facilities and existing industrial premises in North West England and North Wales for offshore storage. 


The application was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration by Liverpool Bay CCS Limited on 03 October 2022 and accepted for Examination on 31 October 2022.  


Following an Examination during which the public, Statutory Consultees and Interested Parties were given the opportunity to give evidence to the Examining Authority, recommendations were made to the Secretary of State on 20 December 2023. 


This is the 80th energy application out of 135 applications examined to date and was again completed by the Planning Inspectorate within the statutory timescale laid down in the Planning Act 2008.  


Local communities continue to be given the opportunity of being involved in the examination of projects that may affect them. Local people, the local authority and other Interested Parties were able to participate in this six-month Examination. 


The Examining Authority listened and gave full consideration to all local views and the evidence gathered during the Examination before making its recommendation to the Secretary of State. 


The decision, the recommendation made by the Examining Authority to the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero and the evidence considered by the Examining Authority in reaching its recommendation are publicly available on the project pages of the National Infrastructure Planning website.  



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