ITM Power announces milestone in its collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation




ITM Power has announced a milestone in its collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation: the delivery and installation of a NEPTUNE electrolyser at Tokyo Gas Co Ltd’s Yokohama Techno Station. This unit marks the first deployment of a megawatt-class PEM electrolyser made overseas and imported into Japan.


Manufactured by ITM in the UK and shipped to Japan, the electrolyser is now installed. After commissioning, the hydrogen produced will be utilised in the e-methane production of Tokyo Gas.


Dennis Schulz, CEO of ITM Power, stated: “ITM is proud to work with Sumitomo to support Tokyo Gas in advancing hydrogen technology deployment in Japan. We are keenly observing the wider developments in Japan, such as the government’s CfD style support scheme, which could see Japan emerge as one of the most fertile countries for green hydrogen projects in the region.”



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