China's First Domestically Developed Hydrogen Energy Metropolitan Train Successfully Completes Speed Trial


Xinhua News

March 21st, CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese rail vehicle manufacturer, achieved a significant milestone in the field of rail transit by successfully conducting a speed trial of the country's first domestically developed hydrogen energy metropolitan train on their test track in Changchun. The train reached a full-load speed of 160 kilometers per hour, demonstrating comprehensive system, full-scenario, and multi-level performance verification, and marking a new breakthrough in the application of hydrogen energy in rail transit.


Differing from traditional trains that rely on fossil fuels or electric power from overhead lines, this innovative train is equipped with an internal hydrogen power system. This system provides a strong and enduring power source for the vehicle's operation. According to trial data, the train's actual average energy consumption per kilometer is 5 kilowatt-hours, meeting all vehicle design specifications and achieving an international leading level.


The train features a hybrid power supply solution that integrates multiple energy storage and hydrogen energy systems. It also incorporates a hydrogen-electric hybrid energy management strategy and control system, independently developed by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles. This strategy enables deep integration of vehicle control, significantly enhancing energy utilization efficiency and improving the flexibility and reliability of the power supply. The train boasts a maximum range of over 1000 kilometers.


Image: Xinhua News, Photo by Wang Fan


Wang Jian, Deputy Director of the New Technology Research Department at the National Rail Transit Vehicle Engineering Research Center of CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles, stated that the company had completed extensive trials to verify the durability, high and low temperature resistance, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility, and fire safety of the hydrogen power system and its key components. The company also carried out comprehensive vehicle tests at different speed levels to evaluate energy consumption, range, reliability, traction, braking, and dynamics. For the first time, the train's actual performance was verified under environmental temperatures ranging from -25°C to 35°C, with all test results meeting the vehicle's design requirements.


Industry insiders have highlighted that this trial represents an important milestone in the development and application of hydrogen energy technology within China's rail transit industry. It is expected to further promote the achievement of independent and controllable key technologies in high-end transportation equipment, offering scientific and technological support for China's transportation equipment industry to accelerate the formation of new productive forces.


Source: Xinhua News

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