Sinopec's Hundred-Kilowatt-Level SOEC Hydrogen Production Project Commences Construction



March 20th, the hundred-kilowatt-level SOEC (Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell) hydrogen production project, independently developed by Sinopec (Dalian) Petrochemical Research Institute and constructed by Zhongyuan Oilfield, started construction.


Image: Sinopec


Within the oil and gas processing technology service center park of Zhongyuan Oilfield, the workers are currently installing the core equipment of the hundred-kilowatt-level SOEC hydrogen production project. It is reported that this project is a sub-topic of Sinopec's megawatt-level renewable electricity hydrogen demonstration project and has been established as a major scientific and technological project in hydrogen energy technology by Sinopec. The construction of the project is expected to take 30 days, with a testing period of 60 days.



Image: Sinopec


Zhang Wei, Deputy Director of the Eleventh Research Division of Sinopec (Dalian) Petrochemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., stated: "This project aims for the safe and efficient production of high-purity hydrogen gas. It focuses on stable operation under harsh conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, hydrogen involvement, oxygen-rich and slightly positive pressure environments, health control, and low energy consumption. The goal is to improve the operational stability of the electrolyser and materials, laying a foundation for the industrial application and promotion of this technology in the next phase."


Image: Sinopec


Compared with other hydrogen production technologies, the high-temperature conditions during the SOEC process impose more stringent requirements on the materials and system of the electrolyser. Therefore, maintaining stable performance at high temperatures while reducing costs is a challenge for the promotion of this technology. The existing megawatt-level renewable electricity hydrogen demonstration project and facilities at Zhongyuan Oilfield provide support for the construction of this project.


Image: Sinopec

In addition to hydrogen production, the SOEC technology has a wide range of raw material adaptability. The feedstock for the electrolyzer is steam, which can produce syngas after adding carbon dioxide. This can further produce synthetic fuels such as diesel and aviation fuel, offering unique advantages in carbon dioxide capture and supporting carbon neutrality.


Image: Sinopec


Liang Jianwei, Manager of Zhongyuan Oilfield Oil and Gas Processing Technology Service Center, said: "Next, we will accelerate the research on PEM hydrogen production and SOEC hydrogen production technologies. We aim to find an optimal technical solution that promotes the independent development and large-scale utilization of green hydrogen technology, providing important technical support for the achievement of  China's 'dual carbon' goals."


Source: Sinopec

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