Shell endorses Verdagy electrolyser modules for future infrastructure-scale projects




Verdagy will become a supplier in upcoming Shell green hydrogen projects after the oil and gas major technically approved its electrolysers.

Technical Feasibility and Technology Development Reviews for Verdagy’s 20MW eDynamic Electrolysis system was carried out by Shell along with a HAZOP (safety) review.

The electrolyser is usually used as a building block for 100MW and larger renewable hydrogen installations. Verdagy was backed with $73m last August (2023) to support the launch and commercialisation of its 20MW electrolyser module.

The company’s CEO, Marty Neese, claimed he was excited by the completion of the year-long testing and now looks forward to “the uptake of Verdagy’s advanced electrolysers by the industry following Shell’s technology endorsement.”


Andrew Beard, Vice-President of Hydrogen at Shell, added, “Verdagy has developed and commercialised dynamic and cost-competitive electrolysers for infrastructure-scale projects.


“[We] are enthusiastic to continue working with Verdagy in the near future.”


Along with Shell, Verdagy recently agreed to team up with Samsung Engineering on infrastructure-scale green hydrogen production projects, to offer future project developers “engineering and project management solutions.”



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