Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs and QUANTRON leadership engage in strategic dialogue on pioneering solutions for sustainable transport




Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs and QUANTRON leadership engage in strategic dialogue on pioneering solutions for sustainable transport.


Quantron AG, a leading clean tech company, welcomed the Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs, Dr. Fabian Mehring, for a productive discussion on digitalization in transportation and the reduction of CO2emissions. The visit, held at QUANTRON’s headquarters in Gersthofen, focused on exploring innovative approaches to increase efficiency and promote sustainable solutions in the transportation sector.


During the visit, Andreas Haller, CEO & Founder of Quantron AG, and Minister Dr. Mehring engaged in a comprehensive dialogue on the potential of digitalization to revolutionize the transportation industry. They emphasized the importance of reducing carbon emissions and explored strategies to achieve this objective through technological advancements.


One of the key topics of discussion was QUANTRON’s groundbreaking Quantron-as-a-Service platform. This innovative approach offers a one-stop-shop transportation solution with zero emissions, based on a pay-per-kilometre model. By providing a comprehensive range of services, QUANTRON aims to enable businesses and fleet operators to transition to sustainable transportation seamlessly.


The Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs expressed his enthusiasm for QUANTRON’s forward-looking approach: “Digitalization is the game changer for the climate transition. The Quantron-as-a-Service platform is a prime example of how artificial intelligence can significantly improve the climate footprint of the transport sector without restricting mobility and damage the economy. Instead, QUANTRON shows how a greener future can be achieved. Through innovation instead of regulation. This remains Bavaria’s strategy: instead of pursuing deindustrialization in favour of climate protection, we are focusing on progress and conquering the leading positions in tomorrow’s markets today – this benefits both the planet and economy!” Mehring also welcomes QUANTRON’s open-technology approach, which includes both battery and hydrogen-electric propulsion systems and therefore currently offers the broadest portfolio of environmentally friendly mobility solutions.


In addition to discussing QUANTRON’s initiatives, the meeting also shed light on the joint venture ROQIT, a collaboration between QUANTRON and Aiontech, a stock-listed IT company from India ( https://aiontech.ai/ ). This innovative joint business venture aims to build a digital transaction platform for the unique Quantron-as-a-Service ecosystem. The OEM-agnostic platform will consist of five digital pillars, including Data Insights, to enable sustainable and efficient fleet operations. Basically, ROQIT will deliver a customized digital platform solution, along with relevant software offerings, to effectively implement QUANTRON’s business model.


Andreas Haller, CEO & Founder of Quantron AG stated:


ROQIT represents a significant milestone for QUANTRON.


“By integrating our expertise with Aiontech, we will be able to provide cutting-edge digital solutions that align with our vision of sustainable transportation. Together, we will transform the industry and pave the way for a greener future.”


The meeting between Quantron AG and the Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs highlighted the importance of digitalization in transportation and the urgent need to reduce CO2emissions. The Quantron-as-a-Service platform, along with ROQIT, exemplifies the company’s commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the transportation sector.



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