The hydrogen welding pipe developed by Baoji Steel Pipe Company was upgraded again



Recently, the reporter learned from Baoji Steel Pipe Company that the company has just completed the first high-pressure long-period hydrogen charging test of full-scale physical HFW welded pipe in China, which marks a new breakthrough in the major project of "Research and Product Development of New Energy Pipe Technology and Equipment such as Hydrogen Energy, CCUS and Geothermal".


Hydrogen energy is a strategic energy source in China, and pipeline hydrogen transportation is one of the most economical and efficient ways for large-scale and long-distance hydrogen energy transportation. At present, the highest steel grade of pure hydrogen transmission pipeline in service in China does not exceed X42 steel grade, and the highest transmission pressure does not exceed 6 MPa, and seamless pipeline is the main one. In order to further expand the application scope of the company's products in the field of pure hydrogen transportation, Baoji steel pipe adopts X52 steel grade HFW welded pipe for pure hydrogen transportation developed in the early stage, and successfully completed the 6.3 MPa high-pressure long-period hydrogen charging test.


It is reported that before this test, HFW welded pipe for pure hydrogen transportation developed by Baoji Steel Pipe has successfully passed the third-party physical and chemical properties and environmental adaptability evaluation of high-pressure pure hydrogen, and the environmental adaptability evaluation result of high-pressure pure hydrogen is better than seamless pipe products of the same steel grade, filling the blank of Baoji Steel Pipe in welded pipe products for high-pressure pure hydrogen transportation.


With the successful completion of this test, The service safety and reliability of HFW welded pipe products of Baoji Steel Pipe Company in actual pure hydrogen transportation conditions are verified, which shows that the products can meet the requirements of high-pressure hydrogen transportation with an annual transportation capacity of over 100,000 tons, and lay a solid foundation for the popularization and application of hydrogen welded pipe products of Baoji Steel Pipe and the development of new energy and new business.




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