12.9kA Green Power IGBT PWM hydrogen production rectifier was successfully put into operation


Green Power


Recently, according to the user's commissioning schedule, Green Power's IGBT PWM hydrogen production rectifier adapted for Qianfang alkaline electrolyzer was successfully put into production in the renewable energy hydrogen production demonstration project of Yumen Oilfield in Jiuquan, Gansu ! This is an important achievement following Green Power's in-depth understanding of the application characteristics of the hydrogen production industry and the promotion of three different solutions ( thyristor or SCR, IGBT-CHP, IGBT-PWM ) for further application in the industry, achieving 12.9kA The engineering application of the IGBT-PWM rectifier solution is currently the largest successful case of single-machine IGBT-PWM rectifier application in China.


Part.0 1 IGBT-PWM hydrogen production case


According to relevant reports, the project was put into operation in the Yumen Oilfield. It is PetroChina's first large-scale renewable energy hydrogen production project. The purity of the hydrogen produced reaches 99.99% , which is sent to the Yumen Oilfield for refining through hydrogen pipelines, tubular tankers, etc. Chemical plants and other enterprises to realize the entire process from production to utilization. The Yumen Oilfield Renewable Energy Hydrogen Production Demonstration Project has built a hydrogen production station including multiple sets of 1,000 standard cubic meters/hour alkaline electrolyzers and a set of proton exchange membranes, with an annual hydrogen production capacity of 2,100 tons.


IGBT PWM rectification solution adopted by Green Powergent in this project actively responded to the demand for rectifiers in PetroChina's first large-scale renewable energy hydrogen production project .


 As a leading company in the domestic hydrogen production rectification industry, Green Powergent has been actively implementing the country's dual carbon goals and has launched a series of various rectification products using renewable energy, covering 10kW-23MW single tank of electrolyzed water hydrogen production. plan.


Green Power's 500-4000Nm³/h high-power hydrogen production rectification system solutions include: thyristor hydrogen rectifier, IGBT-CHP hydrogen production rectifier, IGBT-PWM hydrogen production rectifier. It is the first Qianfang-level company in China that can provide three solutions Enterprises with application cases. In addition, Inteli also provides DC/DC photovoltaic hydrogen production power supply and EMS energy management system to the market , and can provide customers with comprehensive services such as new energy hydrogen production simulation and calculation, power quality simulation and calculation, etc. Currently, Green Power's shipment performance in the hydrogen production industry with capacity of 1,000 cubic meters and above has exceeded 1.8GW .


Part.0 2 Thyristor hydrogen rectifier case


Part.0 3  IGBT-CHP hydrogen production rectifier case


Part.0 4 Other hydrogen production rectifier cases


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