White Logistics partners with HVS to trial hydrogen-fuel cell trucks



Worcestershire-based haulier White Logistics is preparing to trial a number of hydrogen fuelled trucks supplied by hydrogen fuel cell truck manufacturer Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS).


The trial, which will begin next year, is taking place under HVS’ Transition to Zero Programme which gives hauliers the chance to test drive HVS hydrogen fuel cell trucks on their delivery routes and experience hydrogen fuelling equipment firsthand.


Under the terms of the programme Palletforce member White Logistics has signed a memorandum of understanding which will enable the company to collaborate with HVS on all aspects of hydrogen electric vehicle technology, hydrogen infrastructure and refuelling equipment and share operational data.


If the trial is a success White Logistics will look at converting part of its fleet to zero-emission HGVs.


White Logistics was launched over 50 years ago and operates a fleet of over 150 delivery vehicles and trailers, of which over 90 are HGVs. It provides warehouse, storage and logistics solutions to businesses nationwide. The company is committed to driving sustainable initiatives that decrease their carbon footprint and that of their customers and subcontractors.


Graeme White, White Logistics chief executive, said, “We pride ourselves on our modern fleet that is optimised for mileage and environmental efficiencies whilst always meeting the needs of our customers.


”As we look to the future, White Logistics will again be at the forefront of available vehicle technology. We are exploring the latest developments in alternative fuels and are very excited about working with HVS to understand how hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will support us in our net zero ambitions.” 


John McLeister, HVS chief commercial officer (pictured right with White Logistics commercial manager Mike Pegg), commented: “White Logistics’ decarbonisation vision aligns perfectly with our own and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Graeme and his team to integrate our hydrogen fuel cell HGVs into their vehicle fleet.


”We are passionate about helping the road haulage industry to decarbonise faster and look forward to providing the solutions that will help transition the White’s fleet to zero.”


The Transition to Zero programme covers various aspects, including technology options, hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, safety and regulation guidance, finance options, government incentives, warranty information, training programmes for driving and maintenance, and fleet assessment.


It aims to ensure a smooth transition by sharing detailed insights, information, and the resources necessary for a successful adoption of hydrogen FCEV HGVs, aligned to partners’ sustainability goals. 


Source: Motortransport

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