Frankfurt operator orders a further nine hydrogen-powered buses from Solaris



Solaris has received an additional order for its hydrogen-powered buses from Frankfurt’s In-der-City-Bus (ICB) public transport operator.


The German company has ordered nine Solaris 18 hydrogen buses to complement the 23 Urbino 12 vehicles that are already running in the city after they were supplied in 2022 and 2024.


Deliveries for the further nine hydrogen-powered buses are expected for July next year (2025) and will complement ICB’s goal of becoming fully electrified by the early 2030s.


Each vehicle will be powered by a 100kW fuel cell with batteries also installed to serve as auxiliary power. The hydrogen will be stored in gaseous forms in roof-mounted composite tanks to meet high safety standards.


Solaris will also deliver 10 Urbino 12 hydrogen buses to Düsseldorf next year, after operator Rheinbahn Düsseldorf purchased the vehicles in January (2024). The vehicles will be fitted with 70kW Ballard Power Systems fuel cells.


Last September (2023), the company received its record order of 130 buses from Italian operator TPER.


Under the agreement, 127 units of the Urbino 12 model would be delivered to TRER Bologna and a further three units to TPER Ferrara, with the option to extend the order by 140 vehicles.


Source: H2VIEW


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