KBR to address green hydrogen challenges at World Hydrogen Summit 2024






In a step towards addressing the pressing challenges of decarbonisation and clean energy transition, KBR has announced its participation in the Anglo-Dutch roundtable discussion at the World Hydrogen Summit 2024. The event, which will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, from 13-15 May, brings together governments, industry experts, investors and developers to explore opportunities in the hydrogen sector.


At the event, Dr. Juan Gomez Prado, Head Consultant for Hydrogen and Decarbonisation at KBR Consulting, will share KBR's insights on the current state of play, delivery and market developments for green hydrogen projects in the UK and the Netherlands. He will also discuss the findings of KBR's new white paper, ‘Ammonia as an Energy Vector’, which will be launched at the Summit. The paper explores the potential of ammonia, which can be produced from green hydrogen, as a low-carbon fuel for decarbonisation. It highlights ammonia's role in energy transition and its advantages, such as high energy density and the potential to act as a hydrogen carrier.




The roundtable discussion will focus on the transition from concept to development, emphasising the importance of an engineering-led approach to tackling the challenges involved in decarbonisation.


Juan said: “We are excited to contribute to the Anglo-Dutch roundtable at the World Hydrogen Summit and share our insights on ammonia as a fuel. I'll be exploring not only the benefits of ammonia as a fuel, but also how an engineering-led approach is crucial in addressing the challenges of decarbonisation. This approach involves meticulous planning, strategic resource allocation and effective implementation of engineering and technology solutions to bridge the gap between ambitious high-level commitments and the on-ground realities of decarbonisation. The approach focuses on asset-based engineering solutions and surpasses traditional methods. I'll discuss why this approach is essential for the industry to make meaningful progress towards a sustainable future and utilise fuels like hydrogen and ammonia.”


During the roundtable, Juan will also discuss the technical considerations, cost competitiveness, and outlook for ammonia as a fuel. He will also highlight the challenges faced in the development of hydrogen projects, such as the need for significant investments in infrastructure, the establishment of a regulatory framework and the development of a skilled workforce.


Juan added: “At KBR, we are committed to delivering solutions that support the global journey towards a more sustainable future and I can’t wait to discuss our capabilities at the Summit, which will provide an excellent platform for industry leaders to collaborate and drive the energy transition forward.”


Source: KBR


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