China Ministry of Transport releases draft for soliciting comments on Technical Specifications for Road Transportation of Hydrogen (including Liquid Hydrogen)


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April 30, the Ministry of Transport released the draft for soliciting comments on the "Technical Specifications for Road Transportation of Hydrogen (including Liquid Hydrogen)" (Plan No.: JT 2023-03) for public comments. The standard was proposed and filed by the National Road Transport Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC 521), and was developed under the lead of the Research Institute of Highway Transportation of the Ministry of Transport. It specifies the requirements for equipment, enterprises, transportation, loading and unloading safety, parking and emergency handling of road transportation of hydrogen (including liquid hydrogen).



This specification is applicable to the road transportation of hydrogen (including liquid hydrogen) using vehicles or equipment such as long-tube trailers, tank trucks, bundle containers, and tank containers. It does not apply to the road transportation of hydrogen in bulk gas cylinders, bundle devices (except for horizontal bundle devices), baskets, and solid hydrogen.


Four principles guide the revision of this specification:


  1. Fully consider the actual needs of the hydrogen transportation process. Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas that is invisible in flames, easily leaks quickly under high pressure, and colorless and odorless after leakage, making it difficult to detect. When the relevant standards were formulated and released, the demand for hydrogen transportation was not yet prominent, and the standards did not put forward clear requirements for hydrogen transportation equipment, personnel operation, etc. With the development of the hydrogen energy industry, the transportation volume of hydrogen will continue to increase, and a large number of transportation enterprises and practitioners will enter the hydrogen transportation industry. Based on the special properties of hydrogen, there are certain safety risks in the transportation process. It is necessary to strengthen the standard combing and safety management of the entire transportation chain of hydrogen transportation. This standard is fully coordinated with JT/T 617 "Rules for Road Transportation of Dangerous Goods". This standard standardizes the entire process of transportation according to the characteristics of hydrogen.

  2. Based on the current status of safe transportation in the industry. Conduct a thorough investigation of the industry, deeply understand the outstanding problems faced in hydrogen transportation, and analyze typical accidents through case studies. From the perspective of industry management and guiding development, put forward the safety technical specifications for operating vehicles of hydrogen road transportation in China, safe transportation process and emergency handling, improve the safety of dangerous goods transportation process, and facilitate the use of transportation enterprises.

  3. Refer to international advanced solutions. For the problems existing in the industry, in addition to the existing technical standards, the technical methods and application effects of international advanced solutions to solve the problems are systematically understood and evaluated. For those that are evaluated to be applicable to China, reference is made to propose corresponding solutions to improve the safety production level of the industry.

  4. Focus on the implementability of the standard. The safety of hydrogen transportation process should not only reflect the industry management requirements and be consistent with the planning direction of the development of hydrogen road transportation in the industry, but also be in line with the current technology, transportation process management, enterprise safety management and emergency handling technology and management status of hydrogen transportation in China. The standard clauses should be clear and clear, easy for industry management to control and for enterprises to understand and use. It truly plays a role in standardizing and improving the safety level of the transportation process of dangerous hydrogen.


Source: China Hydrogen Alliance


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