Biga Hydrogen chooses Stargate Hydrogen´s stack technology for its green hydrogen product line and places the first purchase order.


Stargate Hydrogen

14/05/2024 - Rotterdam - Today, during the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, Biga Hydrogen GmbH, and STARGATE Hydrogen Solutions OÜ, signed a collaboration agreement for the supply of electrolyser stacks, and the first purchase order dedicated to an upcoming green hydrogen project in Turkey was placed.


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The first part of the project marks the beginning of the strategic collaboration between the two companies.  Stargate Hydrogen's Stellar100 stack will be integrated into Biga's innovative system, which will be operational in a turn-key electrolysis plant with 100 m3/h capacity to be built in the industrial zone of Manisa, Turkey.


The second phase aims for scaling up the project to a 1000Nm3/h hydrogen production system where Biga Hydrogen will integrate several Generation 2  stacks for an industrial decarbonization project. The Generation 2 stacks, developed and patented by Stargate Hydrogen, are based on novel ceramic catalyst materials with leading efficiency and performance.  


Biga Hydrogen plans to build modular 1000 m3/h units to be deployed on a large scale: The first units are to be installed in Turkey’s Aegean Hydrogen Corridor, spanning the cities of Manisa and Izmir. It will demonstrate the financial viability of industrial decarbonization by integrating hydrogen into industrial heating, waste heat recovery, back-up power generation, freight transport mobility, ammonia and methanol synthesis in industrial areas, and increasing the efficiency of energy generation, utilization, storage and transmission. The first unit is scheduled to go into operation in the third quarter of 2025, followed by rapid deployment from 2026.


Commenting on the hydrogen project collaboration, Dr. Christian Postberg, CEO from Biga Hydrogen, stated: “We are delighted to have found an innovative supplier for our pilot project in Stargate Hydrogen and cannot wait to integrate the stack in our system. We are convinced that this will mark the beginning of a long lasting collaboration.”  



Marko Virkebau Stargate Hydrogen CEO added:  "It's a privilege to see Stargate Hydrogen's technology chosen by Biga Hydrogen for their ambitious green hydrogen projects. We have already commissioned activities for the first project and in parallel working on future solutions for larger projects. At Stargate, we enjoy working with partners who are focused on getting hardware on the ground and can scale up quickly, Biga Hydrogen is clearly one of such partners "



Both parties are excited about the possibilities of their collaboration and with the increasing demand for clean and reliable energy, the joint efforts of Biga Hydrogen and Stargate Hydrogen will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of the hydrogen industry. Together, they are committed to driving innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the energy sector, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.


About Stargate Hydrogen: The privately owned company is developing turnkey solutions for green hydrogen project deployment. The central innovation of the company is focused on the development of next-generation alkaline electrolysers that are free from precious metals.


About Biga Hydrogen: Biga Hydrogen, based in Germany, contributes to the net-zero energy transition by promoting and investing in green hydrogen projects and technologies. Biga Hydrogen has a 12,000 m2 production site in Turkey dedicated to the production of electrolysis systems for the Turkish hydrogen market and beyond.  


Source: Stargate Hydrogen


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