Break news! China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Sixth Academy 101 Institute Develops "Track 1000," China's First 100-Kilogram Vehicle-Mounted Liquid Hydrogen System



Beijing, May 11, 2024 - The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Sixth Academy (CASC) 101 Institute has unveiled the "Track 1000," China's first 100-kilogram vehicle-mounted liquid hydrogen system. This groundbreaking product is a major breakthrough in China's application of liquid hydrogen in the transportation sector and will help hydrogen-powered heavy trucks achieve a range of over 1,000 kilometers on a single charge.



The "Track 1000" system is a core component of liquid hydrogen heavy trucks and is fully domestically produced. It adopts a forward-design and modular concept, and through the deep optimization and integration of the storage, supply, and refueling processes, it constructs five major modules: liquid hydrogen cylinders, valve boxes, vaporization buffers, controls, and load-bearing structures. All components are domestically produced, and the core technology is independently controllable.


Compared to the previous generation of products, the "Track 1000" has increased its effective volume by 20% under the same external dimensions, and its hydrogen carrying capacity has been increased to 100 kg. The quality storage density of the liquid hydrogen cylinder has reached 12%, and the overall system storage density has exceeded 10%. Through product capping design, optimized manufacturing processes, and strengthened supply chain management, the cost of the product has been significantly reduced. After mass production, the cost is expected to be further significantly reduced.


The successful development of the "Track 1000" system is a major milestone in China's development of liquid hydrogen technology and will play an important role in promoting the commercialization of hydrogen-powered heavy trucks.


Source: CASC

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