China's Largest Single Hydrogen Production Unit with 3000 Nm³/h Ofiicial Launched



May 17, China’s largest single hydrogen production unit with 3000 Nm³/h, independently developed by PERIC Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd., was officially rolled off the production line.


Image: PERIC

This equipment is developed in response to China's major demand for high-quality hydrogen energy development. It has broken through a number of frontier technologies such as high power, high density, wide load range and low power consumption. The operating current density is increased by 17%, the weight of the electrolyzer is reduced by 13%, and the hydrogen production system has a dynamic adjustment capability of 30%-110%. The energy consumption reaches the national first-class energy efficiency standard, which can significantly improve the single machine production capacity and reduce the production input and operating cost.


During the ceremony, the director of 718th Research Institute Li Junhua said that under the strategic guidance of the country to accelerate the construction of a new energy system, the 718th Research Institute has relied on more than 50 years of deep accumulation in the research and development of hydrogen production technology and equipment manufacturing. It has strengthened hydrogen energy technology innovation and led the development of the hydrogen energy industry. Many technologies are at the international leading level.


Image: PERIC


PERIC Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd. under its umbrella is a leading enterprise in the field of electrolysis hydrogen production in China. It has the largest electrolysis hydrogen production equipment R&D and production base in China. It has built a technical product system with hydrogen production as the core and hydrogen refueling and supply as the two wings around the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation and application. It has the production capacity of 700 sets of alkaline hydrogen production equipment and 240 sets of pure water hydrogen production equipment per year. It is currently building a hydrogen energy equipment industrial park with an annual production capacity of 1000 sets. It has been successfully selected as a "Science and Technology Demonstration Enterprise" by the State Council and a "Little Giant" enterprise in the special, fine and new category of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


The single hydrogen production unit with 3000 Nm³/h water electrolysis hydrogen production, which was put into operation this time, has broken through a number of frontier scientific problems and core key technologies, and has realized the leap from 2000 Nm³/h to 3000 Nm³/h in the single hydrogen production capacity.




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