Ohmium agrees to provide 5.4GW of electrolysers to Dutch project



Ohmium International has agreed to pair its proton motor exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers with HYGRO’s wind turbines to produce green hydrogen.


Up to 5.4GW of PEM electrolysers will be provided by Ohmium, with the potential for further expansion. HYGRO’s turbines at the EWEF Wind Park in Wieringerwerf, the Netherlands, will power the electrolysers and also be directly connected to the electricity grid.


The pilot project is expected to be launched in 2025. The two companies aim to produce green hydrogen for distribution to fuelling stations throughout the region.


“Ohmium shares HYGRO’s vision for an integrated green hydrogen supply chain to foster a sustainable and fossil free future,” explained Arne Ballantine, Ohmium CEO.


The company’s PEM electrolysers and electrochemical solutions are designed for industry and transportation applications, whilst HYGRO wants to develop a competitive integrated hydrogen production and distribution system, with its iBundle and pulsed power technologies.


Ballantine added, “The HYGRO team is very focused on resolving key challenges with green hydrogen distribution, which will be very powerful for the Netherlands and the European Union.”


HYGRO’s CEO, Hugo Groenemans said, “Ohmium’s PEM electrolysers and cutting-edge power electronics enable integration directly with HYGRO’s wind turbines for streamlines, efficient and affordable green hydrogen production.”

Ohmium recently agreed to provide its PEM electrolysers to jointly develop Indian hydrogen projects with Tata Projects.



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