Five companies selected for Snam’s HyAccelerator programme



Snam has chosen the winning start-ups for the third edition of HyAccelerator, representing projects from five different countries.


This years ‘Decarbonisation Nexus’ received over 50 applications from around the world, but ultimately Sweden’s Terrabarrier; Dutch company, Elestor; France’s Sakowin; German company, Reverion; and the US’ C-Zero were chosen.


HyAccelerator, a global corporate accelerator focused on hydrogen and decarbonisation tech, aims to assist start-ups and SMEs operating in the sector. The goal is to find the most promising solutions to help Snam meet decarbonisation targets.


Over two phases, the selected start-ups will meet the HyAccelerator team and its partners, before they continue for four months analysing a use case for the companies technology application within Snam’s system. Each company will benefit from mentorship programmes and two of them will get technical and financial assistance for a period of six months.


Terrabarrier offers an “innovative technology creating ultra-dense barriers in metal alloys,” according to the statement released by Snam. In addition, Elestor presented a hydrogen-bromine flow battery, capable of long-duration energy storage.


Sakowin has introduced a solution designed to produce hydrogen through a methane plasmalysis process, whilst Reverion will provide an integrated solution converting hydrogen or biogas electrochemically into electricity and high purity CO2. The US’ C-Zero showcased an “innovative form of methane pyrolysis that converts natural gas into hydrogen and carbon black.”



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