40 Sets of Electrolyzers! EPC Bidders Announced for Xinjiang Green Hydrogen Project


BJX Hydrogen

It is reported the announcement of the winning candidates for the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contract for the large-scale green hydrogen production project by Xinjiang Junrui Bole New Energy. The project aims to produce 14,400 tons of green hydrogen annually and includes 40 sets of electrolyzers and 40 sets of high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks.


The top three bidders are as follows:

    • Consortium Member: CMCU Engineering co., Ltd
    • Bid Price: ¥1,108,142,560


Zhongyuan Lutai Construction Group Co., Ltd.

    • Consortium Member: PowerChina Henan Electric Power Survey & Design Institute
    • Bid Price: ¥1,107,809,050


Shandong Yiteng Construction Group Co., Ltd.

    • Consortium Member: Hubei Jianke International Engineering Co., Ltd.
    • Bid Price: ¥1,107,920,220


This announcement highlights the significant advancements and investments in green hydrogen production, reflecting the growing emphasis on sustainable and renewable energy sources in China.



Source:BJX Hydrogen

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