Modern Hydrogen launches methane pyrolysis tech in Oregon pilot project




A project in Portland, Oregon, US, has started producing hydrogen and solid carbon from methane pyrolysis.


Washington State-headquartered Modem Hydrogen installed its methane pyrolysis technology at NW Natural’s Central Resource Center to deliver hydrogen for blending with natural gas and solid carbon for use in asphalt products.


The pyrolysis process heats up natural gas or biogas to break off carbon atoms leaving hydrogen molecules. Thermally driven and catalyst-free, Modern Hydrogen said its solutions offers low-electrical load requirements.


Some of the hydrogen produced is reused to continue powering the thermal process, with the rest used for other applications.

The three-year pilot project will include “intensive” testing to demonstrate the safety and performance of hydrogen blends ranging from 5-20% in natural gas systems and equipment.


Solid carbon used for asphalt products are also planned to be used for a section of paving and road repairs surrounding the methane pyrolysis installation.


Reports have suggested the carbon reduction benefits of hydrogen blending with natural gas could be very limited. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), said that a 20% blend, due to hydrogen’s molecular weight, represented just a 7% carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction.


However, while widespread clean hydrogen offtake remains low, IRENA said blending could facilitate financing and project execution due to the “guaranteed” offtake that blending offers.


Tony Pan, CEO and co-founder of Modern Hydrogen, said, “We are proud to stand at the forefront of the transformative journey, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in energy production and environmental stewardship.”


Source: H2VIEW

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