Symbio unveils Class 8 hydrogen-powered truck ahead of Californian road trial



Symbio has unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell-powered Class 8 truck which the companies claim matches the performance of a 15-litre diesel truck.


Coming as part of Symbio’s H2 Central Valley Express project, the truck was developed and integrated by the French fuel cell manufacturer in California to meet demand for zero-emission regional haul trucking operations.


Using a Freightliner Cascadia Class 8 tractor, the diesel engine was replaced with Symbio’s 400kW StackPack fuel cell system, powered by 70kg of hydrogen stored on-board at 700 bar to deliver a range of over 450 miles per fuelling.


Expected to hit the road by the end of the year, the truck will be trialled for 12 months on a 400 miles route between Inland Empire and Northern San Joaquin Valley, California.

Featuring steep climbs and descents as well as highspeed sections, the trail will be support with two fuelling stops in the Central Valley.


Rob Del Core, General Manager of Symbio North America, said the fuel cell retrofit allowed for “significant engine weight reduction without compromise on performance.”


To further improve efficiency, Symbio shareholder Michelin provided low-rolling resistance tyres for the vehicle to further reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).


The pilot truck is set to provide data to inform Michelin’s development of hydrogen truck-specific tyres.


Del Core, said, “This fuel cell truck development and demonstration constitute a major strategic step forward for Symbio in the US, as we are developing and solidifying our US sales and manufacturing footprint.”


It comes as the company, equally owned by Forvia, Michelin and Stellantis, plans to produce 200,000 fuel cell units per year worldwide by 2030.


Source: H2VIEW

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