Yara Inaugurates 24 MW Green Hydrogen Plant Developed and Built by Linde Engineering




Yara Inaugurates 24 MW Green Hydrogen Plant Developed and Built by Linde Engineering.


A green hydrogen plant developed and built by Linde Engineering was officially inaugurated today by global fertilizer manufacturer Yara International. The 24 megawatt plant is the centerpiece of Yara’s green hydrogen production facility in Porsgrunn, Norway. Yara will use green hydrogen to produce low-carbon fertilizer, saving up to 41,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, equivalent to the emissions of approximately 16,000 cars.


Hans Olav Raen, CEO of Yara Clean Ammonia, said:


This groundbreaking project represents an important step towards the decarbonization of energy intensive industries.


“We are producing renewable ammonia and have delivered the first low-carbon fertilizer using hydrogen made with renewable energy. Our efforts here contribute to decarbonizing the entire food value chain and paving the path to enable low-carbon ammonia as a shipping fuel, for power generation and to be used as an energy carrier,”


John van der Velden, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Technology at Linde Engineering, said:


In view of global climate change, rapid decarbonization of industry is crucial, particularly in the production of fertilizers.


“The collaboration between Linde Engineering and Yara is a huge step forward and a powerful demonstration of how joint efforts can lead to the development of cutting-edge modern technologies and innovative solutions to significantly reduce CO2 emissions,”


The electrolysis plant, which has a production capacity of around 10,000 kilograms of hydrogen per day, is based on proton exchange membrane technology from ITM Power. Yara will use the green hydrogen as feedstock to produce 20,500 metric tons of ammonia per year, which will be converted into 80,000 metric tons of green fertilizer.



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