China Power & China Railway Signed Projects with the Annual Output of Green Hydrogen 900,000 tons and Green Ammonia 500,000 tons


China Railway 15th Bureau and Hebei Yangyuan County government, China Power signed Yangyuan County solar power & wind power to produce green hydrogen and synthesis green ammonia project.


The project is divided into three sections: wind power, solar power, and hydrogen production for synthesis ammonia. Utilizing wind/solar power to generate green hydrogen and air nitrogen to generate synthetic ammonia. The planed wind-power generation project capacity is 2.4GW (2.1GW of wind power and 300MW of solar power), and the supporting structure is a 40 MW / 80 MWH energy storage device. The building scale for hydrogen production is 900,000 tons per year, whereas the scale for ammonia synthesis is 500,000 tons per year. Annual carbon emissions are decreased by approximately 2 million tons after the system is operational.


Source: FuelCellChina



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