Pioneering Hydrogen Tech by Levidian Launches in Europe With Stugalux Partnership



Levidian, a trailblazing climate tech company from the UK, has joined forces with Luxembourg’s Stugalux construction firm to bring groundbreaking decarbonisation technology to mainland Europe for the first time.


The innovative LOOP device, created by Levidian, employs a unique patented process to separate methane into its base elements of hydrogen and carbon without the need for catalysts or additives. The ensuing graphene material is then harnessed to manufacture high-performance, eco-friendly, and long-lasting building materials.



Through this partnership, Stugalux will use the LOOP system to treat biomethane originating from food and agricultural waste. The resulting hydrogen-enriched mixture will be burned in a turbine to produce electricity, while the graphene will be incorporated into Stugalux’s building materials to enhance performance and promote decarbonisation. Initially, Stugalux intends to deploy a LOOP20 system, with ambitions to expand to two LOOP100 systems by 2025.


This expansion will facilitate the processing of nearly 250,000 cubic meters of waste gas per year, generating over 30 tonnes of graphene and averting the emission of 572 tonnes of CO2e annually. Levidian’s CEO, John Hartley, praised Stugalux as a prime example of how the LOOP system can simultaneously decarbonise in three different ways.




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