Green Hydrogen: Gen-Hy Has Developed High-Performance Catalysts Without Rare Materials


In the field of alkaline electrolyzers, Gen-Hy, a French start-up offering innovative solutions for the production of green hydrogen, has developed new high-performance catalysts without noble metals with catalytic deposition processes on its Gen-AEM® membranes.


This technological advance makes it possible to achieve yields of more than 85% compared to 65% on average currently on the market. Gen-Hy is positioned as the most successful company in the industry.


There are several processes for the production of green hydrogen, including water electrolysis, which makes it possible to achieve high purity but at a significant cost.


The optimization of the hydrogen manufacturing process is a race towards efficiency so that the hydrogen produced in this way becomes an ecological and economical alternative.


That’s why Gen-Hy has developed a new formulation of high-performance catalysts based on nickel nanoparticles, an abundant and cheap metal. Gen-Hy replaces platinum and iridium, rare and expensive metals commonly used in catalysts.


The improvement of the process is linked to an increase in the contact surface between the catalyst and the water made possible by the use of nano-catalysts deposited on the Gen-AEM® membranes.


Thanks to a unique application process on the market, Gen-Hy improves electrolysis performance and increases the amount of hydrogen produced for a 1 MW electrolyzer by 30%.


Gen-Hy achieves efficiencies of more than 85% with a quantity of hydrogen production of 518 kg/day per 1 MW consumed while the market average is 65% of yield for 395 kg/day of hydrogen produced.


These research results were obtained after 3 years of R&D. Patent filings are pending. With serious assets, Gen-Hy must succeed in the transition from the laboratory to the industrial production of hydrogen with the construction of its AEM electrolyzer manufacturing plant in Belfort, delivered in 2024.


With such results, Gen-Hy is well in the race for hydrogen to become an ecological and economical alternative.


For Sébastien Le Pollès, President of Gen-Hy: “This is a step forward in the production of high-efficiency hydrogen, without rare metals, limited resources on our planet. It is the one and only path compatible with hydrogen production on an industrial scale.”


Understanding catalysis in water electrolysis: There are several processes for the production of green hydrogen, including water electrolysis, which consists of dissociating the water molecule, thanks to an electric current, to obtain hydrogen and oxygen.


The majority of electrolyzers use catalysts, which improve the chemical reaction of dissociation of the water molecule, thus increasing the efficiency of electrolysis. The catalysts make it possible to lower the dissociation voltage of the water molecule during electrolysis. Thus, the more active catalysts we have, the less energy we spend to produce hydrogen, and the more the hydrogen production yield increases.


These catalysts mainly contain noble metals such as platinum and iridium, rare and very expensive metals. The mining of these rare metals is incompatible with an ecological and economic approach. For example, in platinum mining, it is necessary to process 1 ton of ore to obtain 3 grams of platinum. 1 kg of platinum costs about €29,000 (x2 in 10 years), 1 kg of iridium oxide about €200,000 (x10 in 1 year). However, in an acidic medium, for a 1 MW electrolyzer, 1 gram of platinum and 2 grams of iridium oxide are necessary to have the same performance as those obtained by Gen-Hy.


We must therefore try to find a replacement for abundant and cheap metals, which are also effective. Gen-Hy, which developed high-performance alkaline electrolysis, has just developed a new formulation of high-performance catalysts without noble metals.


About Gen-Hy: Since 2019, Gen-Hy has been designing and manufacturing energy solutions incorporating proprietary technologies, capable of harnessing hydrogen energy reliably, safely and efficiently. Gen-Hy offers solutions for hydrogen production for mobility, storage, energy supply and cleaning of high-capacity engines. 8 AEM membrane manufacturers worldwide including 3 in Europe including Gen-Hy 2 alkaline electrode manufacturers worldwide including Gen-Hy More information: www.gen-hy.com


Source: FuelCellsWorks




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